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Service Specials

Wheel Balancing : $39.95
Wheel Balancing


Bring your car in today! Details:

  • Inspect tires for irregular wear and damage
  • Balance all (4) Wheels
  • Check/correct tire pressure
  • Includes your spare tire

Schedule your service appointment and bring in this coupon today.

Check Engine : $65.00
Check Engine


Check Engine or Service Light On?

Keep your vehicle in the best shape it can be, by scheduling routine maintenance! $65 service includes hooking up electronic scanner equipment, retrieving all trouble codes and estimate given for corrective repairs.

Battery Replacement : $5.00 OFF
Battery Replacement

$5.00 OFF

Battery Replacement Details:

  • Install Replacement Battery
  • Inspect Alternator Belt
  • Clean Cable Ends
  • Check Charging System